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Sweet Desserts

1 Piece of Pancake with apricot jam - the famous “Marillenpalatschinke” in Austria 

2 Pieces of Pancakes with apricot jam

1 Viennese Curd-Strudel  (served warm)

1 Viennese Apple-Strudel  (served warm)

1 Fluffy Chocolate Cupcake
our so called “Mohr im Hemd” 

1 Piece of Nut Pancake with Chocolate 

1 Ice-Apricot-Dumpling

A portion of whipped cream the so called
“Schlagrahm or Schlagobers”

Coffee & Tea

Kleiner Brauner = short Continental Coffee with cream

Großer Brauner  = double short Continental Coffee with cream     

Verlängerter = long Continental Coffee with cream

Mélange = Continental Coffee with hot frothy milk topped  

Viennese Mélange = Continental Coffee with whipped cream


Caffè Latte

Macchiato = Ialian Espresso with a little milk 

Small Pot of Tea

Small Pot of Tea  with milk or citron