Sprache: I I



Trumer Pils, draught beer, `Pfiff´(= a whistle)

Trumer Pils, draught beer, small

Trumer Pils, draught beer, big


Original Budweiser

Claustaler Alkoholfrei (without alcohol)


White Wine

Grüner Veltliner
Vineyard Marko, Göttlesbrunn, Carnuntum

Bright straw-yellow, matured bukett with fine spice



Vineyard Marko, Göttlesbrunn, Carnuntum

In the nose intensive tones of Hasenuts and Vanilla,

Complex in the palate and  elegantly fine extra bloom


Sauvignon Blanc

Vineyard Marko, Göttlesbrunn, Carnuntum

Elegant, dry wine with the typical elderflower flavours



Vineyard Marko, Göttlesbrunn, Carnuntum

Fruity wine with sort-typical character


Blaufränkisch “Classic”

Vineyard Igler, Deutschkreuz, Burgenland

Typical regional red wine, dark garnet red with

a distinct blackberry nose and fruit-driven palate



Vineyard Marko, Göttlesbrunn, Carnuntum

Ruby-red, dry, clear and fresh cherry-fruit, on the palate

mild and harmonious with substantial tannin,

fruity-spicy finish



Vineyard Pöckl, Mönchhof, Burgenland

Dark ruby garnet, intensive amomas of dark berries

combined with elegant tannins



Vineyard Gsellmann, Gols, Burgenland

Dark ruby garnet, fine structured tannins and

superb and lingering finish

Cabernet Sauvingnon

Vineyard Marko, Göttlesbrunn, Carnuntum

Dark ruby-red, smells like dark berries and chassis,

spicy, on the palate well-balanced, pleasant and

lngering finish


Cabernet Sauvingnon Reserva

Vineyard Carmen, Maipo Valley, Chile

Complex and richly concentrated, a wine that combines

impressive wild black cherries, black current and chassis

with some hints of mint, cedar, tobacco and spices,

ripe and generous on the palate, sweet-fruit flavours, 

freshly and powerful, followed by dark-bitter chocolate

fine structured tannins, a superb length


Osaado Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

Vineyard Callia, San Juan, Argentina

A smell of black fruits with spicy taste, rich on the

palate, soft tannins


Shiraz Wildcard

Vineyard Peter Lehmann, Tanunda, South Australia

Deep black red, fruit driven wine showing typical richness
of shiraz with mild aromas of plums and

nuances of chocolate, rich and full-bodied with a soft

persistent fine grained tannin, long flavoursome finish


Rioja Crianza

Vineyard Marqués de Vitoria, Oyon, Spain

A smooth and typical crianza produced o 100%

Tempranillo grapes, beautiful fruit components, spicy

taste with a lingering finish



Vineyard Cono Sur, Colchagua Valley, Chile

Deep clean read almost black colour. The nose has notes

of plums, chassis, acid cherry combined with bitter

chocolate and mokka from the French oak. Velvety with

good concentration and tannic structure.



Vineyard Marko, Göttlesbrunn, Carnuntum

Cuvée of 50% Zw, 30% Blaufränk and 20% Blauburger

Dark berries in the nose, excellent integration of fruit,

well-balanced tannins with a pleasant and lingering finish


Rubin Carnuntum

Vineyard Marko, Göttlesbrunn, Carnuntum

Ruby-red, tender roasting flavours, very beautiful fruit

components with hints of cherries and coffee, well-

balanced tannins, remains long on the palate

Soft Drinks

Coca Cola and Coca Cola LightFanta and Sprite

Almdudler (herbal lemonade)

Apple Juice

Orange Juice

Apricot, Mango or Blackcurrent Juice

Red Bull

Ice Tea, Lemon or Peach Flavour

A portion of Lemon

Drinks for our young guests

Apple juice with soda 

Orange juice with soda 

Alcoholic Drinks

Campari Soda

Campari Orange

Martini Bianco and Martini Extra Dry

Sherry Fino

Baileys Original Irish Cream

Apricot Schnaps

“Williams” Schnaps

Raspberry Schnaps

Fernet Banca

Grappa Piave

Vecchia Graspa de Prosecco

Remy Martin

Absolut Wodka

Scotch Whisky